Notary Public Stoke on Trent

Appointments & Identification Requirements

Making an Appointment

I aim to offer the most convenient appointment time to suit the individual or company I am dealing with.

My aim is to understand what is required by lawyers/officials in the foreign jurisdiction, a company or individual is doing business with, andnotary public stoke obtain draft documents or other paperwork from this jurisdiction in advance of our appointment so that I understand what is required and how documents must be notarised to ensure the transaction a company or individual wishes to carry out abroad is not delayed.

Please suggest an appointment time to suit your work, private or company life and I will endeavour to offer that appointment to you.

The typical stages in your transaction with me are as follows:


It is essential to the validity of the transaction that a company or individual is properly identified by me at the time our appointment takes place. notary public Stoke on Trent

Individuals, businesses and government officials around the world rely on me to identify the person I am dealing with so that there is certainty in the foreign jurisdiction, in which business is being done, that the right person is involved in the transaction and that that person has authority to act either on their own behalf or on behalf of their company.

If I am working for a company, the company officer, usually a company secretary or director will have to prove his or her identity to me, as well as his/her position within the company and the authority he/she has to act on behalf of the company.

I obtain company documents from the electronic record held by the Registrar of Companies at Companies House and conduct searches to check the position in relation to company and personal insolvency so those in a foreign jurisdiction know there are no barriers or legal difficulties for a company or an individual in the United Kingdom which may cause a transaction to fail.

The Identification I require from you is as follows:

If neither of the above are available, at least two of the following

You must also bring any other means of ID which may be referred to in the papers sent to you as being required such as a foreign Identity Card. I may also ask to see further evidence of identity such as marriage certificates etc and will advise you of this if necessary.

For my notarial record I am required to keep a copy of identification documents supplied by me. This documentation will be maintained by me in a secure electronic file and will not be shared with anyone. I obtain ID evidence for the purposes of assisting both individuals and companies in facilitating business abroad and I do not hold your data for any other purpose. Evidence of ID held by me is not held for sale or gain and is considered by me to be private and confidential.